Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three clips from Takeshi Kitano's "Outrage" land online

by Chris MaGee

Takeshi Kitano fans (including yours truly) have been tying themselves in knots anticipating "Outrage", the film that is being pitched as Kitano's return to form after a trilogy of intentionally obtuse and experimental films. The real draw for us longtime fans is that the form that Kitano is returning to is the one that made him famous around the globe - the crime/ yakuza genre. "Outrage" tells the story of Otomo (Kitano), a veteran gangster who finds himself in the middle of a brutal war between rival yakuza clans and the film will be premiering this month at the Cannes Film Festival. With that premiere so close promotional stills and clips are beginning to leak out left, right and center and our friends at Wildgrounds have gotten their hands on a trio of exclusive clips. What's so exciting about these is just how much they feel like classic Kitano - the blue/ grey colour palate, the bursts of sudden violence, the nearly static camera set-ups. Now all we need to know is if Kitano's longtime musical collaborator Jo Hisaishi, who scored Kitano's films from 1991's "A Scene at the Sea" to 2002's "Dolls", will be returning to the fold. It's rumoured the two had a falling out after "Dolls", but if Hisaishi returns for this one "Outrage" really will be a return to Kitano's glory days.

Check out all three clips from "Outrage" at Wildgrounds here.

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