Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Murasaki Kagami - Mitsuhiro Mihara (2010)

Mitsuhiro Mihara, director of the recent feel good drama "Flavour of Happiness", takes on J-horror with his latest film "Murasaki Kagami (The Purple Mirror)". Based on an urban legend that if you look into a purple mirror, chant a certain phrase and then remember that phrase by your twentieth birthday (the age of adulthood in Japan) that you won't die a horrible death... we think. It's hard to say, but the trailer is pretty spooky and the film is due out in Japan on June 5th.

Otouto (Younger Brother) - Kon Ichikawa (1960)

Recently remade by veteran director Yoji Yamada, Kon Ichikawa's "Otouto (Younger Brother)" is the story of a responsible, level-headed woman whose younger brother is anything but. Years later when he is suffering from tuberculosis he returns to his older sister not only to make amends, but to have her care for him. Named as the Best Film of 1960 by Kinema Junpo "Otouto" is a classic domestic drama.

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