Friday, June 4, 2010

"Machine Girl" director Noboru Iguchi brings us remake of "Denjin Zaborgar"

by Chris MaGee

The bread and butter of the Japanese film industry in North America in the past few years have been the black-comic, ultra violent films of Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura. The folks at Nikkatsu clued into that this past year by creating their own extreme genre wing, Sushi Typhoon, and since it was formed the venerable studio has been busy making more over-the-top genre fare specifically for us Canadian and Americans.

One of the latest films that is in the works is "Machine Girl" director Noboru Iguchi's big screen remake of the classic 1970s tokusatsu TV series "Denjin Zaborgar". The original series follows the adventures of a secret agent named Yutaka Daimon who returns to Japan from his missions overseas to take on a whole new and very personal mission in his home country. That is to avenge the murder of his father by an evil organization known only by the Grekk letter "Sigma". With the help of his father's greatest invention, the voice-activated robot named Denjin Zaborger Daimon hits the road to seek justice for his father's death.

Like most tokusatsu series of the 70s and 80s "Denjin Zaborgar" is pretty cheesy, so who better to play that up than Noboru Iguchi, who also brought the the recent absurd action comedy "RoboGeisha". Todd Brown at Twitch has a ton of details on Iguchi's "Denjin Zaborgar" remake that any extreme/ gore fan will want to check out, while Jason Gray, the Torontonian with his boots on the ground in Japan, has a bunch of backstage pics from the production like the one above. Make sure to check them out here. And to give all of you an idea of just how absurd the original TV series was check out this action sequence below...

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