Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Montreal World Film Festival to host the North American Premiere of "Hisshiken Torisashi"

by Chris MaGee
While Montreal's Fantasia Fest will be taking care of bringing the best Japanese genre films to the city this summer the 34th Montreal World Film Festival will be taking care of bringing a brand new jidai-geki epic to La Belle Provence in August. MWFF will be hosting the North American Premiere of Hideyuki Hirayama's "Hisshiken Torisashi" in its World Competition programme.

Like Yoji Yamada's wonderful Samurai Trilogy, "Hisshiken Torisashi" is based on samurai stories of author Shuhei Fujisawa. Actor Etsushi Toyokawa stars in the film as Kanemi Sanzaemon, a samurai who finds himself fighting for his life after he kills the mistress of a high-ranking lord who was using her influence to advance her own political agenda. "Hisshiken Torisashi" is being billed as a "hard-boiled samurai film", and if the trailer below is any indication then Hideyuki Hirayama has brought together epic storytelling and some amazing swordplay to wow audiences.

You can check out more about the 34th Montreal World Film Festival, running from August 26th to September 6th, by checking their official website here. Thanks to Tokyograph for this news story and to Sankei Sports for the above promo still from the film.

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