Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This year's International Animation Festival Hiroshima line-up announced

by Chris MaGee

We at the Pow-Wow are very lucky to have a friend in fellow Japanese film blogger Cathy Munroe Hotes. Not only did she kindly offer her couch for me to crash on when I was recently stranded in Germany due to the Icelandic volcano, but through her blog Nishikata Film Review she keeps us, and the rest of the online Japanese film community, aware of the latest developments in art animation from Japan. Case in point, she's just posted her commentary on the impressive line-up that's been put together for this year's International Animation Festival Hiroshima.

Between August 7th and 11th at Hiroshima's Aster Plaza audiences will get to see films by some of Japan's most respected animators. These include Atsushi Wada's "In a Pig's Eye", Mizue Mirai's "Jam", Saori Shiroki's Woman Who Stole Fingers, and Kei Oyama's "Hamd Soap" (above), amongst many, many others. You can check out the full line-up and schedule for International Animation Festival Hiroshima 2010 by visiting their official website here. Thanks Cathy!

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