Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Lost in Tokyo - Kotaro Ikawa (2006)

Two friends, Takkun (actor/ director Takuya Fukushima) and Taka-chan (Takahiro Iwasaki) come together after the funeral of a friend. They, along with Kanna (Tomomi) reminisce about their days together in an indie band with their late friend and wander through Tokyo questioning where their lives will go now that he is gone.


Cops Vs. Thugs - Kinji Fukasaku (1975)

After he had redefined the yakuza film genre with his groundbreaking "Battles Without Honor and Humanity" director Kinji Fukasaku brought us this story of what happens when the lines between gangsters and law enforcement blurs. When the last two yakuza gangs on the street battle over turf police detective Kuno (Bunta Sugawara) doesn't know where his allegiences lay - with his bosses in the police department or his friends in the underworld.

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