Wednesday, July 28, 2010

IFC Midnight picks up two "Tetsuo" films for North American on demand distribution

by Chris MaGee

It's not just the rights for Toshio Lee's "Detroit Metal City" that have been scooped up recently. If you were one of the people who were wondering what was happening with the sequels to Shinya Tsukamoto's seminal indie classic "Tetsuo the Iron Man" since its North American distributor Tartan went out of business (was bought and is now rearing its head again) then here's a good piece of news for you.

Wildgrounds is reporting that IFC Films genre wing IFC Midnight has purchased the rights to the sequel to "Tetsuo the Iron Man", 1992's "Tetsuo the Iron Man" but also the third film in the "Tetsuo" trilogy, "Tetsuo the Bullet Man".

IFC Midnight will be making the two films available On Demand as well as through limited theatrical runs across the United States. What will this mean for a DVD release of "Tetsuo the Bullet Man"? Hard to say just yet. IFC Midnight hasn't announced official DVD releases yet, but is instead going to Video On Demand route. Makes sense in an age when Blockbuster is finally going bankrupt and niche DVD distributors are fights to stay afloat. Still it's nice to have that DVD on the shelf... Still Very good news for Tsukamoto fans! Check out the trailer for "Body Hammer" below to get yourself even more psychedabout this news...

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