Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Indie anime artist Non-chan Nosferatu brings us "The Messenger From The Sea"

by Chris MaGee

So much great anime seems to be coming out of the independent sector these past few years. The biggest name to come from the school of "get on your Mac and start making animated films" is of course Makoto Shinkai, creator of such lushly produced works as "Voices froma Distant Star" and "5 Centimetres Per Second", but there are many other indie anime artists making a splash on the scene. Now we can add a new name to this list - Non-Chan, Nosferatu. Okay, that most likely not his real name, but the animator has created what looks to be a real black-and-white action manga come to life with his "The Messenger From The Sea". Check out the teaser trailer below for some great animated sci-fi wizardry before heading to Non-chan's official website to check out even more of his work. A big thank you goes to Twitch for pointing the way to this.

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