Sunday, July 11, 2010

Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan to head Tokyo International Film Festival jury

by Chris MaGee

Come October the Japanese capital will be rolling out the red carpets (or green carpets if they continue their eco-friendly trend of the past two years) for the 23rd annual Tokyo International Film Festival. It was announced recently that the green carpet theme of this major festival will be taking on more than just environmental connotations this year - it will be heralding a bit of the Irish.

The official website for Tokyo IFF has announced that 60-year-old Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan will be heading up the jury for the 23rd offering of the film festival. Of course many of you will recognize the name Neil Jordan from his films "The Crying Game", "Mona Lisa", "Interview with a Vampire", "The End of the Affair" and "Ondine", amongst many others.

The 23rd annual Tokyo International Film Festival will run from October 23rd to October 23rd. Thanks to Japan Today for this piece of news.

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