Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Japanese Weekend Box Office, July 31st to August 1st

1. Karigurashi No Arrietty* (Toho)
2. Toy Story 3 (Disney)
3. Salt (SPE)
4. Inception (Warner)
5. Bayside Shakedown 3 Set The Guys Loose!* (Toho)
6. Pikachu The Movie 2010* (Toho)
7. Naruto Shippuden The Movie, The Lost Tower* (Toho)
8. The Great Adventure Of Hutch The Honeybee* (Shochiku)
9. A Boy And His Samurai* (J Storm)
10. The Last Airbender (Paramount)
* Japanese film

Courtesy of Box Office Japan.

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