Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sabu casts Ken'ichi Matsuyama as a single father in "Usagi Drop"

by Chris MaGee

27-year-old Ken'ichi Matsuyama has very quickly become one of the most sought after and bankable actors working in Japan in the past decade. While it's obvious that his boyish good looks draw female film fans into theatres like flies to honey Matsuyama has also proven in films such as Koji Hagiuda's 2007 drama "Shindo" and Toshio Lee's heavy metal comedy "Detroit Metal City" that he's got some impressive acting chops as well. Now it looks as if Matsuyama is gearing up to show a more adult side in his upcoming role in Sabu's manga-adaptation "Usagi Drop".

Based on Yumi Unita's manga series "Usagi Drop" will tell the story of a nerdy bachelor who has fatherhood thrust upon him when he is introduced to the love child of his recently deceased grandfather. Matsuyama will play the new dad while 6-year-old Mana Ashida will be playing his new daughter... although if she's the daughter of his grandfather wouldn't she be his... great aunt? Something like that, but I digress.

Of course many of you will be anxious to see Matsuyama in this role because "Usagi Drop" is being brought to us by the man who brought us such off-kilter action/ comedies as "Monday" and "Dangan Runner". You'll have to wait un til net summer before you see more than just a promo still like the one above. That's when "Usagi Drop" is scheduled to drop in Japanese theatres. Thanks to Tokyograph for this piece of news and Sankei Sports for the above image.

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