Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Trailers

GeGeGe no Nyobo (Spooky Wife) - Takuji Suzuki (2010)

First came the NHK series based on the autobiography of Nunoe Mura, the wife of manga legend Shigeru Mizuki, and now comes the feature film "GeGeGe no Nyobo (Sppoky Wife)". The feature films version directed by Takuji Suzuki not only tells the story of the creation of Mizuki's iconic character GeGeGe no Kitaro, but also the story of his 48-year (and counting) marriage to his wife.

Whispering of the Gods - Tatsushi Omori (2005)

Tatsushi Omori, brother of actor Nao Omori and butoh dancer/ actor Akaji Maro, made his directing debut on 2005 with the constroversial drama "The Whispering of the Gods". Omori's tale of a young man who suffers from and inflicts mental and sexual abuse in a remote Catholic monastery was screened in tents to avoid being cut by the Japanese censors.

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