Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Flower and Snake 3 - Yusuke Narita (2010)

We've already been treated to screen adaptations of erotic author Oniroku Dan's novel "Flower and Snake" in 1974 with Masaru Konuma's take on the S&M tale of the submission training of an upper crust wife , and then in 2004 with Takashi Ishii's "Flower and Snake 2". Now we get treated to more bondage and suspension fantasies with Yusuke Narita's "Flower and Snake 3" being released in Japanese theatres this weekend.

Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees - Masahiro Shinoda (1975)

Japanese New Wave master Masahiro Shinoda teamed up with "Lone Wolf and Cub" star Tomisaburo Wakayama to bring a skewed love story to the screen with 1975's "Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees". Wakayama stars as a bandit who falls in love with a nobleman's wife. He kills the nobleman in order to have her for himself, but doesn't bargain on the dark turns this new relationship will take.

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