Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5th Camera Japan Festival announces full line-up

by Chris MaGee

Outside of Japan it seems Europe is the place for great Japanese film festivals. You have Nippon Connection in Frankurt, Japanese Film Festival Hamburg and of course the upcoming Zipangu Film Festival in London. Just recently another of Europe's biggest Japanese film fests, the Ntherlands-based Camera Japan Festival, announced their full line-up for their fifth consecutive offering, and there are some great films slated.

Some of the highlights of the 37 films that will be screening in Rotterdam and Amsterdam between October 7th to October 17th are Go Shibata's supernatural mystery "Doman Seman" (above), Akira Ogata's manga-adaptation "Noriben: The Recipe of Fortune", the Koji Wakamatsu directed and Masao Adachi scripted "Caterpillar", indie powerhouse Yuya Ishii's "Sawako Decides" (check out the trailer below), Miwa Nishikawa's box office hit "Dear Doctor" and Kazuyoshi Katayama's anime advenute "King of Thorn" to name only a few. Added on to the main programme the Camera Japan organizers will screen Mamoru Hosoda's "Summer Wars" as a special kids screening, while a special pink film retrospective with four films - "Abnormal Family", "Despite All That", "Secret Hot Spring Resort", and "Secrets Behind the Wall" - will be on hand for the adults.

To take a look at all that the 5th annual Camera Japan Festival have in store for folks in Rotterdam and Amsterdam between the 7th and 17th of October check out their official website here.

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