Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Cold Fish - Sion Sono (2010)

One tropical fish dealer meets another tropical fish dealer. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but the latest film from "Love Exposure" director Sion Sono is no joke. Based on a true story "Cold Fish" explores what ahppens when a respectable and happy tropical fish dealer and family man meets another man who shares his trade, but this is where the similarities end. This other fish dealer turns out is a serial killer and their friendship takes them down a spiral of murder and insanity.

Daughters, Wives and a Mother - Mikio Naruse (1960)

The incomparable Setsuko Hara starred in one of her last screen roles in Mikio Naruse's 1960 domestic drama "Daughters, Wives and a Mother". Hara plays a recently widowed middle-aged woman who returns to her mother's home. Her family is made up of a who's who of mid-20th century Japanese screen stars: Hideko Takamine, Masayuki Mori, Reiko Dan, Haruko Sugimura and Tatsuya Nakadai.

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