Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hitoshi Matsumoto casts unknown in third film

by Chris MaGee

In 2007 comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto, one half of the famed manzai comedy duo Downtown, went from the small screen to the big screen with his directorial debut "Dainipponjin (Big Man Japan)". The film was almost universally panned in Japan, but gained a huge cult following in the West. Partially because of this success overseas Matsumoto gave his fans another feature film in 2009, the downright confusing "Symbol". Both films featured Matsumoto front and canter as the main protagonists, but according to Tokyograph that won't be the case with Matsumoto's upcoming third film.

Matsumoto recently announced that he is working on his third feature comedy. The 47-year-old comedian did not release any title or plot details yet, but he has revealed the star of his third directorial effort - Takaaki Nomi. Never heard of Nomi? Well, that's because he's never really been in a movie before. Nomi isn't even an actor. His job is running a bar in Shinjuku, and it was here that Matsumoto discovered him. Nomi appeared on two of Matsumoto's TV programs in Japan, but this film will really be his screen debut. Matsumoto actually appeared on Japanese TV with a t-shirt featuring a photo of Nomi (above) and spoke about how he is perfect for his third film because Nomi is "the world's most and least interesting guy".

Sounds like Hitoshi Matsumoto is getting ready to unleash yet another WTF?!? movie on all of us. More news about his new film as details come out.

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