Friday, October 29, 2010

Jasper Sharp's Zipangu Fest announces its full line-up of Japanese gems

by Chris MaGee

Okay, we at the Pow-Wow have been lucky to have worked with Japanese film curator and author Jasper Sharp for a while now, most notably on Toronto won Shinsedai Cinema Festival. During this time we've known that Sharp was prepping something special for Japanese cinephiles in London with Zipangu Fest, but aside from the few advance screening events we've had to keep our lips shut about what cinematic goodness Jasper Sharp was readying for UK audiences. As of today though Sharp is finally sharing the full line-up for the inaugural Zipangu Fest taking place at the Barbican, Café 1001 and Genesis Cinema in London between November 23rd and 28th.

What can folks expect? How about Kota Yoshida's "Yuriko's Aroma" (above) as the opening night film or a special double bill of Tetsuaki Matsue's award-winning film "Live Tape" with Matsue and singer/ songwriter Kenta Maeno in attendance? The other half of this double-bill is Akihiro Murakane's documentary "Rock Tanjo: The Movement 70's" (trailer below) that chronicles the Japanese rock scene of the 1970's with bands like Flower Travellin' Band, Brain Police and Creation. Lovers of pink films won't want to miss the premiere of Hisayasu Sato's new film "Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano", while gore fans will want to catch Noboru Iguchi's "Mutant Girls Squad". Zipangu will also be bringing London audiences a special art animation shorts programme from the folks at CALF that will include work from Mirai Mizue, Tochka and Atsushi Wada. To round off the fest Zipangu will be holding the UK premiere of Gen Takahashi's epic cop drama "Confessions of a Dog".

Of course there's much, much more that Sharp has slated for those attending Zipangu Fest, so to take a look at what you can look forward to (and pick up tickets for!) head to the fest's official website here.

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