Sunday, October 24, 2010

Release date and package artwork revealed for UK DVD of "Confessions of a Dog"

by Chris MaGee

We at the Pow-Wow were very happy when we heard the announcement that director Gen Takahashi's 3+ hour police epic "Confessions of a Dog" had been picked up by UK-based distributor Third Window Films. Not only is "Confessions of a Dog" a riveting tale of corruption in Japanese law enforcement, but we were very proud that the DVD extras for the disc will include interviews and discussions with Gen Takahashi (above right) shot at the 2010 Shinsedai Cinema Festival.

At the time of the original announcement in early August no specific dates had been announced for the DVD release. Now that's changed. Third Window Films has not only announced that "Confessions of a Dog" will be hitting shelves on March 14th, 2011; plus they have revealed the DVD artwork (above left). Ad to that that Third Window has also announced that films fans in London will get to see the UK Premiere of the film at the inaugural Zipangu Fest next month. Very good news for fans of Gen Takahashi, who I predict there will be many as "Confessions of a Dog" goes into wider release.

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