Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Round-up of special events in Japanese film blogging: Wildgrounds and V-Cinema

by Chris MaGee

The Japanese film blogging community is spread right around the globe, but we're a pretty close knit bunch. I have to say that it's always a fantastic time when we meet in the flesh at film fests and events and no single blog would be the successes that we are without the help of our fellow J-bloggers. With that in mind we wanted to let you know of a couple of special podcasts and events that are happening with our colleagues online. These are things you won't want to miss...

As we've mentioned before, the passing of animators Satoshi Kon and Kihachiro Kawamoto were huge blows to Japanese film. Now the folks at the V-Cinema Podcast are paying tribute to Kon and Kawamoto in a commemorative episode co-hosted by Nishikata Film Review's Cathy Munroe Hotes. Included in the podcast are interviews with Jasper Sharp, Mark Schilling and Jason Gray about how these two artists impacted Japanese film and culture.

Meanwhile, our friends from France Wildgrounds have announced an event that will bring together the Japanese film blogging community. Last year Wildgrounds declared a Japanese Film Blogathon and dozens of folks online participated (you can read the J-Film Pow-Wow's contributions here). Well, Wildgrounds is doing it again! Between November 3rd and 11th check out Wildgrounds and the J-Film Pow-Wow to read contributions from all us J-Bloggers. It'll be a fun and informative event!

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