Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breast Fest 2010 screens Ryuichi Hiroki's "April Bride" to highlight the fight against breast cancer

by Chris MaGee

All of us here at the Pow-Wow have important women in our lives - wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and friends - so when the folks at the 3rd annual Breast Fest Film Festival contacted us about a special screening of a Japanese film they are holding we knew we wanted to share the news with you. This is especially true as Breast Fest is out there screening films for a great cause, "to frame and explore the spectrum of issues surrounding breast cancer."

As part of this mandate Breast Fest will be presenting a screening of Ryuichi Hiroki's "April Bride" at The Royal Ontario Museum on Sunday, November 21st at 3:00PM. "April Bride" stars Nana Eikura as Chie, a corporate public speaker who falls in love and embarks on a relationship with a young salaryman named Taro, played by Eita. When the two begin considering marriage Chie reveals a secret she's been keeping from Taro - she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The news rocks the foundations of their relationship, but soon the two are battling the disease together.

You can find out more details about "April Bride" and the Breast Fest Film Festival, running from November 19th to the 21st at The Royal Ontario Museum here, plus you can check out the trailer for "April Bride" below.

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