Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly Trailers

A Night in Nude: Salvation - Takashi Ishii (2010)

Takashi Ishii brings us the sequel to his 1993 film "A Night in Nude". Naoto Takenaka returns in this neo-noir thriller as Kojiro, a man who takes on jobs for people who are too afraid to take them on themselves. This time out Kojiro is hired by a mother daughter team, but the job leads to sex, danger and murder. Co-starring Hiromi Inoue, Hiroko Sato and Joe Shishido.

Wet Sand in August - Toshiya Fujita (1971)

Toshiya Fujita, the director behind "Lady Snowblood" and two of the "Stray Cat Rock" films, takes us into the world of the Taiyozoku, or "Sun Tribe", the same group of restless and rebellious teens immortalized in Ko Nakahira's 1956 classic "Crazed Fruit". One of the last films to be produced by Nikkatsu before it switched to making Roman Porno films in 1971. Ranked at number 112 on Kinema Junpo's best films list.

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