Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get a look at behind-the-scenes stills from Amir Naderi's Tokyo-based "Cut"

by Chris MaGee

When I was in Tokyo last month I was very lucky to meet the folks behind the upcoming Amir Naderi film "Cut". As we originally reported "Cut" tells the story of Shuji (Hidetoshi Nishijima), a professor of films and indie filmmaker in his own right who funds his film projects by taking loans from his brother. The problem is that Shuji's brother is borrowing his money from the yakuza. When Shuji's brother gets squeezed by the mob to pay back his debts Shuji steps forward and takes a job as a human punching bag in underground yakuza-funded fights. It's a very neat concept for a film and meeting Naderi, Nishijima and producers Engin Yenidunya and Eric Nyari only reinforces the dedication to get this totally independent film out to film audiences. As part of that goal Yenidunya and Nyari have been posting a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos taken this summer on the Tokyo set of "Cut". Some great stuff here including a set visit by none other than Kiyoshi Kurosawa!

To get a look at even closer look at moody stills like the one featuring Hidetoshi Nishijima as Shuji above head to the official "Cut" fan page on Facebook here.


ey said...

Thanks, Chris. As you may have heard, CUT was selected as the Orizzonti Opening Film at the 68the Venice Film Festival. We'll have our World Premiere there on September 1st.

Hope you'll be able to watch it some time soon! Follow us at http://twitter.com/cutnaderi and http://facebook.com/cutnaderi

Best from Tokyo,

ey said...

Here is a link to the Venice website with the CUT news: http://bit.ly/cutvenice

ey said...
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