Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 fiancées + one engagement ring = Takayuki Yamada in a lot of trouble in upcoming film

by Chris MaGee

One actor who took a long while to grow on me, but who now consistently impresses me, especially with his supreme comic skills is 27-year-old Takayuki Yamada, so whenever news of a new Yamada project comes up I take notice. That happened recently when Tokyograph reported that the star of "Vengeance Can Wait" and "13 Assassins" has been cast in a screen adaptation of Akutagawa Prize-winning author Takami Ito's novel "Yubiwa wo Hametai". The novel follows a playboy who hasn't just been two-timing, but three-timing! After he suffers a head injury he's left with no memory, just three women who all want the man to marry them and an engagement ring. The only problem is that he can't remember who he bought the ring for.

Yuki Iwata, who previously directed music videos and released his debut feature film, "Lemon no Koro", in 2007 is set to direct "Yubiwa wo Hametai" and promotional images of Yamada in character (like the one above) have already been popping up online. No word has come down yet about which actresses will be cast as the trio of persistent fiancées. With a planned theatrical release for "Yubiwa wo Hametai" we can expect that this info should be released shortly.

Thanks to Sankei Sports for the above right image of Takayuki Yamada.

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