Monday, January 3, 2011

The J-Film Pow-Wow brings you a gallery of Moments in Japanese Film

by Chris MaGee

Here's hoping that the holiday break was a relaxing and enjoyable one for all you Pow-Wow blog readers out there. While there's nothing we love more than bringing you film reviews and news throughout the year we here on the back end of the blog did relish a bit of down time to... well, watch movies of course!

During our film watching we started to piece together a photo album of stills we're calling "Moments in Japanese Film" that we started to post over at our Facebook page. It's a pretty random assortment stretching from silent films from the 1920's to recent films. A good example is the above still from Daisuke Ito's 1931 silent classic "Jirokichi the Rat" which captures star Denjiro Okochi in a particularly heroic pose.

If you haven't already "Liked" us on Facebook yet head over to our page here, click the "Like" button and start browsing the stills we're posting in the gallery. There are 60 films represented at the moment, but we'll be adding more on a semi-regular basis.

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