Monday, January 3, 2011

Shinya Tsukamoto teams up with singer Cocco for new short musical film

by Chris MaGee

Shinya Tsukamoto is generally known for rattling audiences with his films, not lull them with gentle imagery, but that is exactly Tsukamoto has done for a new short film. Titled "Cocco ka no o sanpo (Cocco Song Walk)" the 24-minute short features Japanese songstress singing three tracks - "Spring Around", "Last Thirty" and "Glass Flower" - from her recently released 7th album "Emerald". Compared to Tsukamoto's recent "Nightmare Detective" and "Tetsuo" output this film, one of a series made under the banner of "Cocco Inspired Movies", hearkens back to his 2004 film "Vital" with Cocco being shot by Tsukamoto's handheld camera as she sings acappella and wanders the beaches of her native Okinawa.

Along with Tsukamoto, "Wild Zero" director Tetsuro Takeuchi is contributing to the "Cocco Inspired Movies" project designed to promote the release of "Emerald" in Japan. His film contribution features the songs "I Dance (With Underwear?)", "Crocus" and "Clone Technique" as well as a fully produced version of "Spring Around".

Longtime readers of the blog will remember that this isn't the first time that Cocco has collaborated with high profile film-makers to promote her music. In 2008 Hirokazu Koreeda directed a full concert film for Cocco titled "Daijobu de aru yo ni - Cocco: Owaranai Tabi" (read our original report here).

You can watch Takeuchi's take on "Spring Around" here, but for now sit back, relax and watch Shinya Tsukamoto's collaboration with Cocco. Thanks to Shinya Tsukamoto's official site for this new short.

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