Saturday, January 29, 2011

Third Window Films picks up UK rights for Yuya Ishii's "Sawako Decides"

by Chris MaGee

Third Window Films' catalogue just keeps getting better and better. Hot on the heels of the company acquiring the UK DVD and theatrical rights for Tetsuya Nakashima's critically-acclaimed "Confessions" and Gen Takahashi's police epic "Confessions of a Dog" comes news of yet another exciting acquisition.

This time out Third Window Films' president Adam Torel recently announced that his company has picked up the UK rights for Yuya Ishii's quirky, heartwarming comedy "Sawako Decides". The film stars actress (and now Mrs. Yuya Ishii) Hikari Mitsushima as a young woman living a compromise - a boyfriend (and boss) she doesn't really love and a life on auto-pilot. Sawako's existence is shaken up, though, after her father falls ill. She must leave Tokyo and go and help him with his clam processing plant in the country. Can this be her way out?

Third Window Films is scheduling a summer release for its DVD of "Sawako Decides". For more details and a look at Third Window Films' full catalogue visit their website here.

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