Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Synchronicity - Naoki Ichio (2011)

Naoki Ichio, the direct who brought us 2002's "The Drowning Man" starring Shinya Tsukamoto, returns with the complex and experimental drama "Sychronicity". As the title suggests the film follows seemingly unrelated storylines through a chain of random coincidences. "Sychronicity" is opening in select Japanese theatres on February 19th.

Village of Doom - Noboru Tanaka (1983)

Tsugio (Masato Furuova) is doesn't fit in with the other people in his town, but when he is drawn into the middle of an adulterous love affair he thinks he may, no matter how strange the situation is, may have found where he belongs. When things go bad though Tsugio loses grip with reality and seeks revenge.

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