Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AKB48 member and gravure idol star in new J-horror slasher film

by Chris MaGee

What is it with the link between school girls and J-Horror? I've often wondered this, but have never really come up with a satisfying answer beyond there are some nerdy guys out there who just love to see cute girls get scared out of their wits. Hmmmm.... Regardless it looks like Japanese horror fans will be getting another terrified teens film coming their way in the very near future.

Tokyograph is reporting that television director and screenwriter Mitsuhiro Mihara is currently helming a new horror film titled "Merry-san no Denwa". The film sounds like you basic slasher film - a karate club made up of young teens goes on a mountain retreat to train for an upcoming competition. Now out in the middle of nowhere the members of the club begin to disappear one by one. Could these disappearances have anything to do with a series of grisly events that took place in the area 30 years before? Could they explain the mysterious phone calls from a toy doll that the karate club members are receiving?

So, you can't have a slasher film without teen girls, so Mihara has cast 17year-old AKB48 member Ayaka Kikuchi and 17-year-old gravure model Saaya in the two lead roles. I wonder which one makes it to the end of the film alive? We'll have to wait and find out when "Merry-san no Denwa" hits selected Japanese theatres on February 12th. Thanks to Cinema Today for the above promo still.

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