Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kyoko Fukada and Goro Kishitani star in upcoming Keigo Higashino screen adaptation

by Chris MaGee

The name Keigo Higashino may not immediately ring any bells, but you most likely know the films based on the 53-year-old author's novels and screenplays. "Yōgisha X no Kenshin (Suspect X)", "G@me" and "Himitsu (Secret)" - all these and more have been based on books by Higashino. Now another film based on his work is in production.

Kadokawa Pictures and director Setsuro Wakamatsu are just finishing principal photography on "Yoake no Machi de" a film based on the Higashino novel of the same name. The book tells the story of a Watabe, a company manager who has an affair with one of his female employees named Nakanishi. If having an office romance isn't thorny enough of a situation then things get really complicated after Watabe learns that Nakanishi was the prime suspect in the murder of her father's mistress 15 years earlier. Will the truth finally come to light about the murder before the statute of limitations for the crime runs out?

Wakamatsu has cast Goro Kishitani, director of "Killer Virgin Road" (above right), and Kyoko Fukada, of "Yatterman" and "Kamikaze Girls" fame (above left), as the troubled lovers. Kadaokawa pictures is aiming to have "Yoake no Machi de" in Japanese theatres by this fall. Thanks to Tokyograph for the details on this, as well as for the above promo still.

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