Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Akihabara hair salon caters to the otaku and cosplay crowd

by Chris MaGee

I know that we have a few cosplay enthusiasts who read the blog regularly (Alexandria Cruz, we're looking at you...), so when I saw this news item posted over at Anime News Network I knew I wanted to share it.

Anyone who has been to otaku ground zero, Akihabara, knows that any and every obsession with girls in maid uniforms, anime gear, or some things a little more kinky are indulged in the streets of "Electric Town". Now if you happen to be one of those highly-coveted beauties who wander the streets of Akihabara you have a place right in the neighbourhood where you can get your hair done... or your wig made as the case may be.

Fuwat is a new hair salon that opened near Akihabara Station last October, and besides the standard shampoo and cut services the stylists at the salon also can do your hair up when you head out cosplaying. And if you don't happen to have shocking pink hair to go along with your dress then the Fuwat stylists will set you up with a wig to compliment your outfit.

Cosplayers can check out Fuwat's official website here for the next time they're in Tokyo.

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