Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Scoutman" director Masato Ishioka introduces us to the world of Tadashi Yoyogi

by Chris MaGee

With directors like Takahisa Zeze, Yojiro Takita, Sachi Hamano, Koji Wakamatsu, etc., etc. having made the transition either permanently or occasionally from pink films to more mainstream cinematic fare it seems like it's about time that a fellow like Tadashi Yoyogi gets his due. 72-year-old Yoyogi, "Father of Japanese Adult Video", got his start in the early 70's making pink films for Purima Kikaku and then for Wakamatsu Pro. In the early 80's though he was one of the first pink film-makers, and one of the first film-makers period, who began utilizing new video technology. In 1981 Yoyogi kicked off the AV (adult video) revolution with his "April Lust" and shortly thereafter founded his own production company Athena Eizou. He's probably best known for his "Onanie" or "Masturbation" trilogy that were released between 1982 and 1984.

You have to love a guy who is honest enough to call an adult video "Masturbation". You also have to love a guy who is described by "Dear Doctor" star Tsurube Shôfukutei as "A yakuza, isn't he?" That's how the trailer for Masato Ishioka's documentary "Yoyochu: Sex to Yoyogi Tadashi no sekai (Yoyochu: Sex and the World of Tadashi Yoyogi)" begins, and like Tetsuaki Matsue's recent doc on AV star Yumika Hayashi, "Annyong Yumika", it looks like a fascinating watch. That fact that it's been made by the man behind 2000's "Scoutman", a drama about men who recruit young women for the adult industry. Check the trailer for the film which was just released in Japan last month below.

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