Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tidepoint Pictures brings films from its catalogue to the big screen with Bento Box Cinema

by Chris MaGee

One of the biggest supporters of the J-Film Pow-Wow for the past few years has been Tetsuki Ichiji, the president of Tidepoint Pictures. Ichiji, who got his start producing The early 80's films of director Masashi Yamamoto, has been operating Santa Fe, New Mexico-based Tidepoint Pictures for over a decade. Their DVD catalogue is comprised some of the best Japanese indie films of the past three decades and now Tidepoint is taking their films from the small screen to the big screen.

Between February 19th to February 20th at Santa Fe's Warehouse 21 (1614 Paseo De Peralta) Tidepoint will be presenting Bento Box Cinema, two days of cutting edge Japanese film. Included in the programme are Studio 4°C's visionary omnibus film "Genuis Party", Tetsuya Nakashima's breakthrough film "Kamikaze Girls", Go Shibata's genre-bending serial killer film "Late Bloomer" as well as a series of short films including Toronto director Sol Friedman's award-winning "Junko's Shamisen".

Exciting indeed, and for all of you near Santa Fe you can get additional details of Bento Box Cinema at Warehouse 21 at the event's official Facebook page here.

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