Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Tomie: Unlimited - Noboru Iguchi (2011)

The girl you cannot kill returns to the big screen on May 14th. That's when Noboru Iguchi's franchise re-boot "Tomie: Unlimited" premieres in select Japanese theatres. This time out gravure model Miu Nakamura plays Tomie, the high school girl who inspires passion and then murder, but not matter what is done to her she refuses to die.

Dear Summer Sister - Nagisa Oshima (1972)

New Wave master Nagisa Oshima takes us on a tour of Okinawa circa 1972, the year the U.S. finally relinquished control of the island prefecture. The film follows a young woman from Tokyo who travels to Okinawa to look for her long lost brother. She's aided on her search by a handsome young tour guide who will be the key to her finding her sibling.

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