Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sneak peeks of "Underwater Love" and a fantastic "13 Assassins" poster show up online

by Chris MaGee

We're still playing catch up here at the Pow-Wow since the recent disasters in Japan. It's seemed at times like following the world of the movies has taken second place to the obviously much more important struggles of the people in Tohoku and Tokyo. Still there have been a couple of interesting visual tidbits that have leaked online in the past couple of weeks. So, to make sure all of you out there didn't miss these...

In the few days after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami the folks behind Shinji Imaoka's upcoming pink film "Underwater Love" (lensed by none other than Christopher Doyle) went public with an image of the female kappa (above right) at the centre of the semi-supernatural storyline. No telling what's going on inside the tub that this kappa is hiding in... although being an Imaoka film we're assuming she's a comely... turtle woman(?) You can check out the full image here at Twitch.

While this peek from "Underwater Love" was making its way online, so was an immensely cool promotional poster for Magnet Releasing's VOD release of Takashi Miike's recent award-winning remake of Eiichi Kudo's 1963 chanbara adventure "13 Assassins". The folks at Affenheimtheater

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