Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Osamu Dezaki's "Golgo 13: The Professional" to be released on DVD by Discotek Media

by Chris MaGee

Disney deal with Studio Ghibli to release all of Hayao Miyazaki's and many of Isao Takahata's films on snazzy DVDs in North America is a very good thing. So are the many anime DVDs released by folks like Viz and Manga Entertainment, although there are a few companies out there who will remain nameless whose discs leave more than a little to be desired in the quality department. Regardless, getting Japanese film out on DVD in North America and Europe is no small task and the same goes for anime feature films, and that's why this news item is so welcome.

According to Anime News Network one of manga and anime's most revered characters will be coming to Region 1 DVD. Discotek Media, the same folks who put out a really nice double disc set of Sogo Ishii's "Electric Dragon 80,000V" a few years back, have announced that they will be releasing Osamu Dezaki's 1983 animated feature "Golgo 13: The Professional" on on DVD. This animated film is an adaptation of Takao Saito's iconic 1969 manga from Shogakukan's Big Comic Magazine that chronicles the life of professional assassin Golgo 13, a.k.a. Duke Togo.

Discotek's DVD of "Golgo 13: The Professional" will feature the original Japanese version, with actor Tetsuro Sagawa providing the voice of Golgo, plus the English dub from the films (very limited) 1992 U.S. release on VHS. Discotek is also promising additional extras for this package, but we'll have to wait until the official release date is announced before we'll get word on those goodies.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this anime and manga anti-hero check out this clip from "Golgo 13: The Professional" below.

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