Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Gantz II: Perfect Answer - Shinsuke Sato (2011)

With the first installment of his manga adaptation "Gantz" riding high in Japan's weekly box office director Shinsuke Sato and Toho are already preparing to release the second film in the series "Gantz II: Perfect Answer". This film continues the adventures of a group of recently deceased people who have been enlisted by a mysterious force called Gantz in its fight against evil supernatural beings. "Gantz II: Perfect Answer" is set for release in Japan on April 23rd.

Beast in the Shadows - Tai Kato (1977)

Director Tai Kato adapts ero-guro mystery master Edogawa rampo to the screen in 1977's "The Beast in the Shadows". During the 1930's the lives of a mysterious novelist and one of his biggest admirers intersect and the result is murder. Director Barbet Shroeder took this same template for his 2008 film "Inju" The Beast in the Shadows".

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