Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chris and Marc head to Nippon Connection this week! Keep checking back for updates!

by Chris MaGee

As our regular readers will know both Marc Saint-Cyr and I will be heading to Frankfurt on Monday to attend and participate in the 11th annual Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival. Yes, we're excited, and yes we're honoured. This post is just a heads up to all of you to make sure to check in daily starting on Tuesday to get news and reviews from the biggest Japanese film festival outside of Japan. We'll try and get as much content up on the blog during the festival run of April 27th to May 1st, plus we'll be doing it with the help of Nippon Connection's blogging and I.T. guru Gary Siemund.

So keep an eye on the site and look for the "Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow @ Nippon Connection" banner above, but until the fest starts on Wednesday here's the trailer for this year's Nippon Connection. Enjoy!

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