Saturday, May 28, 2011

AKB48 member goes from "kawaii" to "kowai" in upcoming 3D horror film

by Chris MaGee

Who said J-Horror was dead? Okay, maybe the formulaic "dead wet girls" type of moody, bloodless films that took the world by storm in the 00's ended up outstaying their welcome, but Japanese studios still know that movie fans love to be scared. It's their job to figure out knew and ingenious ways to give people chills and goosebumps. The latest case in point a new 3D horror film with a famous pop star in the lead role.

Tokyograph is reporting that Reina Fujie, a 17-year-old member of pop sensation AKB48, will be starring in a new film directed by Koichi Tsubaki titled “Enkiri-mura: Dead End Survival”. The film revolves around a TV crew who head out to a village outside of Tokyo to shoot a program on the local cuisine. The village isn't just famous for its cooking though. It is also known to be a place where pilgrims can pray for evil to be lifted. Evil also dwells in the village in the form of an evil spirit named Enkiri-sama. That's where AKB48's Fujie comes in. She portrays the spirit (that's her in the promo still above).

Joining Fujie in "Enkiri-mura: Dead End Survival” are Shiferu Saiki, who plays the head of the village, and Mayuka Okada, who portrays the producer in charge of the TV crew. Unlike so many Japanese horror films "Enkiri-mura" won't be hitting theatres in August (the height of summer when people need to be "chilled" by a scary movie), but in October, just in time for Halloween.

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