Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Azemichi no Dandy - Yuya Ishii (2011)

From the man who brought us "To Walk Beside You" and "Sawako Decides" comes "Azemichi no Dandy". Wunderkind Yuya Ishii tell the story of a widowed truck driver (Ken Mitsuishi) who has doted on his two sons since his wife succumbed to cancer 15 years ago. Now he worries he may be suffering from the same disease. He soon finds himself in a mess while trying to make sure his children are provided for. "Azemichi no Dandy" is scheduled to open in Japanese theatres on June 18th.

Battle of Okinawa - Kihachi Okamoto (1971)

"Sword of Doom" director Kihachi Okamoto and that film's star Tatsuya Nakadai go from Edo era Japan to the end of the Second World War with their 1971 film "Battle of Okinawa". Nakadai plays the leader of a group of Japanese soldiers who despite dwindling supplies and low moral must defend Japan from the approaching U.S. naval fleet.

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