Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shinsedai Cinema Festival '11 guests announced

by Chris MaGee

We've been very busy behind the scenes this past week getting ready for tickets to go on sale for the 3rd annual Shisnedai Cinema Festival this Monday, June 2th via Ticketweb. We at the fest have also been making final confirmations on our three headline guests of this year's festival.

This year we are very happy to be joined this year by actress and producer Kiki Sugino, star of our opening night film "Hospitalité" on July 21st at 7:00PM, actor, director, comedian Devi Kobayashi who will be on hand to present a double bill of his quirky comedies on Sunday, July 24th at 5:00PM, and 15-year-old film-making prodigy Ryugo Nakamura who will presenting the North American premiere of his drama "The Catcher on the Shore" on July 23rd at 6:00PM. All will be participating in post-screening Q&A's, and all of their films will be competing for our very first Kobayashi Audience Award.

You can check out more about this year's Shinsedai Cinema Festival by visiting our website here. In the meantime check out the trailer for "The Catcher on the Shore", the remarkable directorial feature debut of teenager film-maker Ryugo Nakamura below.

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