Thursday, June 2, 2011

Locarno to mount a full retrospective of the feature films of Hitoshi Mastumoto

by Chris MaGee

A film that a lot of people have been getting excited about on these shores is Hitoshi Matsumoto's "Saya Zamurai". This, Matsumoto's third feature film, stars Shinjuku bar owner Takaaki Nomi as a masterless samurai named Kanjuro who goes on an adventure and laugh-filled "30-day job" that will clear him of a crime he has committed. Matsumoto's two previous directorial efforts, "Big Man Japan" and "Symbol" have gained instant cult status here in Canada, so his fans have high hopes for "Saya Zamurai" (above).

"Saya Zamurai" is getting its Japanese theatrical release on June 11th, and international audiences will finally be able to see this latest comedy at the 64th annual Locarno International Film Festival, which runs from August 3rd to 13th. Jason Gray has some very good news for Matsumoto's Swiss fans though. The international premiere of "Saya Zamurai" will now be a full retrospective of Hitoshi Matsumoto's three films -- "Big Man Japan", "Symbol" and "Saya Zamurai" all in one go!

You can check out details on this and other screenings at the 64th annual Locarno International Film Festival here.

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