Sunday, July 3, 2011

Works by artist Yoshitaka Amano go on the auction block for earthquake relief

by Chris MaGee

Ever since the tragic events of March 11th we have been trying to keep you updated on special fundraising events for the victims of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami. One event coming up this week on the west coast is something fans of anime and manga (especially those with some extra cash burning a hole in their pockets) will not want to miss.

On July 9th at the Super Frog Gallery at San Francisco's New People cultural complex will be hosting a charity auction of three new brush painting by famed manga artist and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. Many of you will know Amano as the conceptual designer behind Nintendo's massively popular "Final Fantasy" series of games, as well as his work illustrating Neil Gaiman's graphic novel "Sandman: The Dream Hunters".

These three new brush painting were created specifically for this event; and if you're not sure which one you may want to bid on that's not a problem. All three have been on display at New People since June 18th and will continue to be on display right up until the auction.

For more details on the Super Frog Gallery/ New People auction of works by Yoshitaka Amano head to the New People website here and get ready to bid for a great cause. Thanks to Sci-Fi Japan for pointing the way to this story.


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