Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Masato Harada and Takahisa Zeze both take home awards from Montreal World Film Festival

by Chris MaGee

Back at the beginning of the month we had reported on how directors Masato Harada and Takahisa Zeze would both be in competition at Montreal's 35th World Film Festival. At that point we speculated on which filmmaker would leave the fest with one of its highly coveted awards (awards especially coveted by the Japanese film industry), but as the fest wrapped up this past weekend both filmmakers walked away with a trophy for their mantles.

Tokyo Hive reported that not only did Masato Harada's “Waga Haha no Ki”, the story of an author's struggle with his mother's old age and dementia starring Koji Yakusho and Kirin Kiki, receive the Special Grand Prix of the Jury Award, but Takahisa Zeze's “Antoki no Inochi” (Zeze pictured above with his cast), about a man coping with a traumatic past, picked up the festival's Innovation Award. Expect these wins to help both these films at the Japanese box office and throughout the coming months on the festival circuit. Congratulations to both Harada-sana nd Zeze-san!

Take a sneak peek below at Harada's “Waga Haha no Ki” in the report about the film's win as broadcast on NHK this weekend. "Thanks to the MWFF Flicker account for the above photo.

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