Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Japanese film news from the 35th annual Montreal World Film Festival

by Chris MaGee

It was just last week that we reported on how Takahisa Zeze and Masato Harada were both going to be competing for the top prize at the 35th Montreal World Film Festival. Now Film Biz Asia has news of additional Japanese film programming for this highly esteemed film fest.

Joining Takahisa Zeze's "Antoki no Inochi" and Masato Harada's "Waga Haha no Ki" will be Itusji Itao's directorial debut "Mask of Moonlight" (above) which tells the story of a repatriated amnesiac Imperial soldier who returns to Japan after WW2, Yukinari Hanawa's drama "My Wife", Shoji Kubota's bank heist gone bad film "Crazy-ism", and Junichi Saito's documentary "The Heisei Dilemma" (trailer below).

The 35th annual Montreal World Film Festival runs from August 18th to 28th in Quebec's capital. Check out more about this year's festival here.


redstar said...

Thanks for the info,Chris.
Just a small nitpick but Montreal,
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Quebec city hold that distinction.
Keep up the good work.I love your site.

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