Friday, September 16, 2011

A peek at some rare 8mm footage from the original "Ultraman" TV series

by Chris MaGee

There are more than a few of us here at the J-Film Pow-Wow who are fans of "Ultraman", specifically the original 1966 TV series. Are the battles between Ultraman and a plethora of evil monsters dated and campy? Sure they are, but that's p[art of their charm. Plus, it's hard not to have your inner child rejoice in seeing these titans go at each other, smashing miniature cities as they go.

Recently a real find made its way on to Youtube -- a selection of rare 8mm film footage shot by Tsuburaya Productions during the making of the original 1966 series. The footage is accompanied by Japanese narration about the making of the show. Enjoy it now before it gets yanked!

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