Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Dead Leaves" director Hiroyuki Imaishi establishes own animation studio named Trigger

by Chris MaGee

Animation director Hiroyuki Imaishi has been responsible for some of the zaniest anime of the past decade. All you have to do is check out his intergalactic, robotic Bonnie and Clyde film "Dead Leaves" or his NTV fallen angel adventure "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" to see what we mean. Imaishi isn't as prolific as, say, big names like Mamoru Oshii or the folks at Studio Ghibli, but some news arrived online during the past week that promises a lot more from this 38-year-old talent.

According to a post at Anime News Network Imaishi has joined forces with animator Masahiko Ohtsuka and producer Kazuya Masumoto to create a new animation studio dubbed Trigger. Imaishi announced the creation of the studio with the above illustration on the studio's website.

While there are no projects announced for the studio yet (it was only established on August 22nd), but the good news for animators is that Trigger is hiring. Follow the link above to the Anime News Network story for details if you are under 25, have a driver's license, good communications skills and possess a good working knowledge of Mircrosoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop... and we can only assume amazing animation skills.

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