Monday, October 24, 2011

Post-apocalyptic anime "Ice" comes to UK DVD

by Chris MaGee

Want to have your eyes dazzled? If you're reading this in the UK then you only have to wait until November 7th for that to happen. It's on that day that Makoto Kobayashi's 2007 futuristic anime feature "Ice" will make its way to UK Region 2 DVD. The film, which was produced by Hiroaki Inoue, the man behind Satoshi Kon's "Perfect Blue", and written by Yasushi Hirano, who penned "Vampire Hunter D" and "Ninja Scroll", takes us into familiar territory for anime films, a post apocalyptic Tokyo, but with a very original spin.

In 2012 the male population of the globe is wiped out in a mysterious plague. Following this catastrophic event a war breaks out, killing billions of the Earth's women. Now there are only 20,000 human females left on the planet, all of them collected into a divided queendom in the ruins of Shinjuku. Half of these 20,000 know that humanity is doomed, while the other half fight against their fate and try to stop the death of humans by utilizing science.

The voice cast for "Ice" employs some of the biggest female celebrities in Japan, namely the girls in idol super group AKB48. You can check out the trailer for "Ice" below, and if you're in the UK pick it up on DVD, courtesy of Cinema Monde, in just a couple weeks. Thanks to Sci-Fi Japan for this news.


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