Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sion Sono's "Love Exposure" finally makes its way to Region 1 DVD via Olive Films

by Chris MaGee

We know that there are a lot of you out there who have seen and loved Sion Sono's 4-hour Catholic guilt, upskirt, martial arts, romance, castration, "Female Convict Scorpion" homage "Love Exposure". We also know that many of you with region free DVD players have already picked up this cult classic on DVD through the fine folks at UK-based distributor Third Window Films. There are a few of you out there in North America who just have a simple region 1 coded player, and for all of you there has been a "Love Exposure"-shaped hole in your DVD collection. Well, no longer.

There's a new DVD distributor on the block, Olive Films. Based in Illinois the mandate of this new company is to bring the best of foreign and art house films to the North American market. Although Olive Films has just started out they have already added "Love Exposure" to their catalogue and it is currently available to order. Plus, it has quite the snazzy-looking box art! If you are indeed one of those unfortunates with a region 1 locked DVD player then make sure to check out this new release!

Thanks to Twitch for the heads up on this.

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