Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Sukiyaki (Gokudo meshi) - Tetsu Maeda (2011)

Five inmates find themselves locked up on lunar new year's day. As a special treat they are served a traditional feast of delicacies, but they make a game out of their meal time -- each needs to top the other with a story of the best meal they ever ate in order to win items of each others' plates. "Sukiyaki (Gokudo meshi) " opened in Japanese theatres on September 23rd.

Graveyard of Honor - Takashi Miike (2002)

Takashi Miike re-imagines Kinji Fukasaku's classic nihilistic 1975 yakuza film "Graveyard of Honor". A gangster sinks to the depths of depravity as he takes on not only a rival gang, but eventually his own.

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