Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hideo Gosha's Debut Film "Three Outlaw Samurai" to Receive the Criterion Treatment

by Marc Saint-Cyr

Attention all classic chambara fans! This past Tuesday - the 15th, that special date in each month when the Criterion Collection announces their newest batch of titles to be released three months ahead - attentive DVD collectors will have been pleased to see that we will be getting more Japanese cinema from the much-worshipped disc label. This time around, Criterion is putting out the first feature film from Hideo Gosha, "Three Outlaw Samurai." The disc itself, which will be released in both Blu-ray and DVD formats on February 14th, 2012, seems to be a bare-bones affair, arriving with just a trailer and an essay by critic Bilge Ebiri as special features. But this is still a more than welcome release, if only for a chance to get a fresh look at this period revenge piece starring Tetsuro Tamba, Isamu Nagato and Mikijiro Hira as the three titular samurai. Heck, besides the restoration job that the Criterion staff are sure to give the film, this disc will be worth owning just for the exceptional cover art shown above.

For those inspired by this news to refresh their knowledge of Hideo Gosha's work, take a look at our reviews for such other films of his as "Sword of the Beast," "Goyokin," "The Wolves," and "The Geisha."


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Always great news when Criterion is going to release an Asian film. I saw and reviewed "Three Outlaw Samurai" in November, 2010, when it was shown as part of Asia Society NY's film series "Japanese Cinema 1960s." While I still have the screener DVD, I'll probably spring for the Criterion disc, even if it's not particularly loaded with extras. May have to wait for one of the periodic Barnes & Noble 50% off Criterion sales, though.

Cathy Munroe Hotes said...

I would totally buy it as a poster in addition to the DVD. That's great news. Too bad it won't be out in time for me to put it on my Xmas wishlist.

Anonymous said...

What better way to say "I love you" than to buy that special someone this film! Great image for the disc cover.